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Collectively, the Addison plumbers at Herndon McFarland Plumbing have over 100 years of experience. We have seen and helped resolve a number of plumbing issues, from the standard to the very strange. Below we answer a few questions that can help you keep your home plumbing system running at maximum efficiency.

We are happy to answer any of your questions over the phone or in person. Just call (972) 564-8593.

Can you install a plumbing fixture I purchased on my own?

Absolutely, our team is trained and equipped to work with virtually all brands and models. That said, we highly recommend buying your plumbing fixture from a reputable plumbing supply contractor. Hardware and department stores selling a variety of products are not likely to carry sturdy equipment that can last the expected lifespan of a standard fixture. Further, a trained plumber can help you pick a model that is both affordable for your home, and meets your specific needs.

Will installing a new plumbing fixture damage my home?

This depends on your home’s architecture and where you want to install the fixture. After inspecting the area, a trained plumber can tell you if the installation will damage any part of your home, exterior or interior. Usually, items can be installed without any damage to your home. Our team will always inform you of the long-term consequences of a new installation.

How do I pick the right fixture for my home?

This comes down to personal preference, and what your home can physically handle. The shape, size, and style of a fixture all impact how it will look and function in your house. Given the large variety of toilets, sinks, and faucets available, there is almost always something that fits both your needs and aesthetic tastes.

My pipes keep leaking, do I need repiping?

Generally speaking, if your pipes have sprung leaks multiple times in a few years’ time, you likely need repiping rather than pipe repair. Our team does not want to cost you any unnecessary expense. After an initial plumbing inspection, we can tell you which option is best in the long run.

Do you have financing options?

Yes! We understand people sometimes have plumbing emergencies at inconvenient times. Our friendly staff will work out a financing plan and inform you of any special deals going on.

How do I know if my toilet needs maintenance?

There are a few telltale signs that your toilet sign is in need of repairs:

  • Handle has to be jiggled to keep it from running water
  • Toilet bowl rocks
  • Water shows onto the floor following a flush
  • Water is constantly trickling down the interior of the bowl
  • Slow to flush or clear the bowl
  • Seems to periodically flush or run water on its own
  • Water comes out around the handle when the tank fills

Are sewer line and water line leaks covered by insurance?

This depends on your policy. We have found that many insurance companies do cover this contingency. If it turns out yours does not, you can work with our team on a financing plan.

How do I know if I have a gas leak?

There are numerous signs that may indicate a gas leak. The most obvious, and most dangerous, is the sulfur smell / rotten egg smell pervading your home. If you notice this, call a plumber immediately and vacate the property until you know it’s safe.

Some other signs your gas line needs repairs include:

  • The pilot light on an appliance keeps going out
  • You have trouble breathing indoors
  • Your stove’s flame is orange, rather than the standard blue
  • You hear a hissing sound after activating an appliance

How can I avoid gas leaks?

Have a city building official inspect your gas line after any modifications to your gas lines. This includes installing a new appliance such as a hot tub, barbecue, or pool heater. If you have an exposed gas pipe, check it periodically for any rust or corrosion.

How do I know if there is a leak in my sanitary sewer line?

The good news is that a sewer line leak will not drive up your water bill, the bad news is this makes it harder to tell when your sewer line needs repair. A broken sewer line may result in rapid growth of grass and weeds on your lawn, or a moist patch. There may also be a strange smell around your property, and you may start spotting rodents and pests. If a sinkhole has suddenly appeared near your property, that may also be the result of a broken sewer line.

Is it true you can check sewer lines from the roof?

There are sanitary sewer vents that extend thru your roof that are directly attached to the sanitary sewer lines in your walls and under your home. These vent pipes are intended to allow sewer gas to escape and to equalize pressure in the pipes water is drained through the lines when you flush a toilet, drain the washing machine, drain a bathtub, or perform other plumbing in your home. These vent pipes that go through the roof also allow us to insert our sewer cameras and our pneumatic test plugs to inspect and seal off the drain lines to isolate leaks in the system.

If you have more questions, or would like to schedule Addison plumbing services, call (972) 564-8593 today.

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