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Have you recently discovered that your toilet is refusing to flush, or that it simply never stops flushing? If either scenario has occurred, then your toilet may be in serious trouble. However, calling in a professional is always a good idea. Not all clogs are created equal, and often require different techniques to resolve them. This is why it is a waste of your valuable time to try and fix it yourself. If you want reliable Farmers Branch toilet repair, our technicians at Herndon McFarland Plumbing can fix your running or clogged toilet immediately without delay.

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Why Your Toilet Needs to Be Repaired

It is never a positive sign when your toilet tank or bowl is continuously running. The causes for such a worrying situation is that some problem has occurred within your tank, allowing extra water to constantly re-drain back into the bowl. In some cases, the problem at hand is the smallest nut or screw that has come loose, making it so that water leaks into the bowl. However, we have often discovered that the problem is far more serious, sometimes because the assembly for your water-intake is faulty, or perhaps the toilet bowl wax ring has dried up, causing it to leak continuously. You might even have a corroded or deteriorated anchor flange.

Any of these issues are of course very annoying, but on top of the endless disturbance of constantly flowing and gurgling sounds, there are other major consequences that will impact you for far longer. With such massive amounts of water getting wasted, your monthly water bills are sure to increase as well.

Types of Repairs We Make

Here at Herndon McFarland Plumbing, we are proud to offer a large variety of services to all of our clients for their toilet repair trouble.

Just some of the common problems in malfunctioning toilets which we have successfully repaired include:

  • Leaking or clogged toilets
  • Tanks that have become broken or cracked
  • Damaged toilet bowls
  • Flush flapper valves which need to be replaced
  • Water that overflows or even floods a toilet
  • Loose or unstable toilet foundations

If you are having problems with your toilet, don't wait. Contact us today at (972) 564-8593 for dependable toilet repairs!

Why Does My Toilet Randomly Flush?

Phantom flushing, or random flushes, occur whenever water leaks out of the tank into the bowl of the toilet. When the water level gets low enough in the tank, the toilet spontaneously flushes to refill the tank. These phantom flushes are usually the result of either a real leak in the toilet's plumbing system, or there is a problem with the fill valve or flapper valve inside the tank.

When a toilet flushes the flapper valve rises to allow water in the tank to flow into the bowl. Water leaking from there can be due to a worn out flapper valve not sealing properly. An improperly placed fill valve is a very common cause of phantom flushing. Water in the tank should be approximately 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube. Poorly adjusted fill valves allow the water to rise too high and flow into the overflow tube.

If you find your toilet is leaking or doing frequent phantom flushes, be sure to call a professional plumber to inspect the problem. When you work with a licensed plumber from Herndon McFarland Plumbing you can rest assured that we can properly diagnose the problem and provide the proper repairs to get your toilet back to working correctly.

Reaching Out to Professionals

You may initially try to fix a toilet issue on your own, but remember that these crucial appliances can be quite delicate. You definitely do not want to make the problem worse. Tightening a screw just a little too hard or removing a crucial piece could quickly turn into a real problem. Our expert technicians at Herndon McFarland Plumbing use the most cutting-edge tools, from snakes to cutters, to safely unblock your drain.

Contact us now at (972) 564-8593 so that you can get quality Farmers Branch toilet repair when emergencies strike.

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